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Subscribe to LinkMyDeals and see the difference. We normalize offers from different sources to a standard tone of writing, and also classify them according to standard categories.

So your audience gets a uniform experience across your website. We also rewrite each offer in upto different ways, without changing the implied meaning.

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These texts are used in random combination for each of our customer to avoid duplicate content issues. A lot of stores give out promotional offers without declaring any expiry date. We check the validity of such offers as frequently as twice a day. As soon as the offer expires, we suspend it in our database.

Coupon Affiliate Websites: Marketing Tips for Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

We know every website is different, and so are their requirements. That is why we take customization to a whole new level. We can set any rule-based customizations and filters.

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So you get your feeds with custom format, custom columns, customized data and just about everything as per your requirement. LinkMyDeals has a solution for all Coupon Websites, not matter what size or platform it is. The advantage of using our SmartLinks instead of Affiliate Networks' Deeplinks is that you don't need to update all your offers if you wish to switch your campaign to a different Affiliate Network. With SmartLinks, you can simply change your preferrence in our panel, and the SmartLink will now start redirecting to your new preference.

This step varies per network, but here are some tutorials on how to do this on some of the major networks:. If your affiliate program is on another network, search their help or support section for instructions on how to add coupons, deals or offers to your program. FMTC takes the deals listed with the affiliate networks, aggregates, cleans and verifies the data and then redistributes it via a single feed. Chief Executive Officer Rich Williams has been transforming the company from a daily deal e-mail provider to an online destination for people looking for bargains.

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About 1. Simply add your coupon to your affiliate program and invite Groupon to join your program and your coupons should be listed in their coupon site. We develop high quality fully fuctional, professional looking websites for you at reasonable price and lightening speed. To mention here, we have delivered a coupon website within 3 business days! Checkout our service page for more details.

Do you own an existing website, blog or app and looking for ways to monetize its effectively? Here is simplest way you can do it very most rewardingly.

Introduction To The Online Coupon Businesses

Integrate our coupon feed that is available in various formats and compatible with any theme, app or platform, including but not limited to Wordpress. No more hiring additional employees for daily coupon update, maintain categories, affiliate account etc.

What is a Coupon Affiliate Site and How to make one ? Part 1

Thus, helps the expenses made results in better bottom line. The Automated deep linking make sure that not even single conversion left unread. The coupon API subscription plans are extremely well priced to make sure diminished operation cost.

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We are here to help you become successful as an affiliate marketer. Our coupon data feed is already SEO optimized, unique and well organized. Additionally, our SEO experts are there to help you improve your ranking! We support all leading affiliate networks for various merchants, so that you can maximize your earning by selecting a network offering best commission. Coupon API to Automate Your Website We are an automated coupon content distribution platform, providing a robust coupon API and discount data feed to all leading news media, coupon websites, industry leading blogs, cashback websites, shopping comparison website and apps.

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