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Suddenly, he is faced with the choice of continuing a life of crime, or facing up to his actions and their certain consequences. In just a few easy steps below, you can become an online reviewer.

You'll be able to make changes before you submit your review. The Forged Coupon From Amazon This edition has quite a few typos, run-on words, even a paragraph that was divided by another paragraph in just the first 20 pages that we have read so far.

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Temptations of purity From Amazon vgraine's summary of the novella's plot line doesn't have to be repeated, but the collection as a whole is very nicely done for a free download, and even if one disagrees with Tolstoy's premise, as I do, his metaphysical pushback against material gratification is somehow necessary, at least for the Russian soul.

I have my issues with Tolstoy, and do not care for the message of Anna Karenina in its entire, but this quiet collection in his maturity asks us, I believe, not to be so grounded in certainty--and here the woman with the child out of wedlock survives, as opposed to throwing herself under a train--perhaps Tolstoy's realization that on balance, Levin and Anna were not given the same opportunities to pull themselves through. More than anything else, The Forged Coupon reconciles me, in small doses, to Tolstoy's stubborn insistence that a Christianty based on humbled peasant simplicity is somehow incorruptible.

All religions are human systems, and he comes closest to remembering that here. All of them are shown in terms of what they do or what happens to them. In either case there may be good, there may be evil.


Regardless of which, there will always be reactions, responses, outcomes. And it's not necessary that evil actions beget evil responses, or that good actions have fortunate outcomes.

A brief survey of the short story part 25: Leo Tolstoy

The story also spreads across the continent and, like the famous butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the world, the impacts are far-reaching and unanticipatable. Thank goodness I'm not paranoid! The premise of Tolstoy's last short novel, written in , is that the effects of individual actions, whether good or bad, ripple through society causing unexpected consequences far removed in time and place from the original deed. In the storyline's time and place, coupons clipped from interest-bearing documents were commonly used as money.

The eventual repercussions of this act provide the background against which Tolstoy lashes out against the flaws he perceived in pre-Revolution Russian society: upper class greed, the oppression of the peasant class, the spiritual and moral bankruptcy of the Russian Orthodox Church, the unfairness of the justice system, and the intellectual banality of the political leadership up to and including the Tsar. As a solution to his society? But is the book well done?

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The front cover of my edition calls it "a classic tale of crime and guilt". Well, it's certainly a tale of crime and guilt, but it misses being classic simply because it's too short. It's as if Tolstoy, who died in , realized his life was coming to a close and thought he'd better crank this one out in a hurry. Had he taken the time to expand the novel to several hundred pages and develop the characters and storyline more, it perhaps would have had more impact.

Indeed, the CliffsNotes version is probably longer than the 88 pages of my edition of the original. Dmitri Nekhlyudov, called to jury service, is astonished to see in the dock, charged with murder, a young woman whom he once seduced, propelling her into prostitution.

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She is found guilty on a technicality, and he determines to overturn the verdict. This pitches him into a hellish labyrinth of Russian courts, prisons and bureaucracy, in which the author loses no opportunity for satire and bitter criticism of a state system not confined to that country of cruelty and injustice.

This is Dickens for grown-ups, involving a hundred characters, Crime and Punishment brought forward half a century. With unforgettable set-pieces of sexual passion, conflict and social injustice, Resurrection proceeds from brothel to court-room, stinking cells to offices of state, luxury apartments to filthy life in Siberia.

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The ultimate crisis of moral responsibility embroils not only the famous author and his hero, but also you and me. Can we help resolve the eternal issues of law and imprisonment? Similar books. The Kreutzer Sonata. The Cossacks. The Devil and Other Stories. Sevastopol Sketches. Hadji Murad.